The Outrage Over Students "Cheating" Is Mostly Harmful Nonsense

The Wall Street Journal asked a question with an obvious answer this week under the headline "How Could a Sweet Third-Grader Just Cheat on That School Exam?" A quick answer is, because human beings are a naturally social species that has survived and flourished for thousands of years by collaborating and discovering… »5/18/13 5:16pm5/18/13 5:16pm


"Dear Pathetic, Ignorant Twats": The Duke/UNC War Of Words Heats Up

It's an annual tradition for the editors of the Duke Chronicle and the Daily Tar Heel to exchange trash talk letters in advance of their schools' first matchup of the season. We got them both, and boy, do the young minds of Tobacco Road have a way with words. »2/09/11 4:00pm2/09/11 4:00pm

Who do you give the victory to? I have to hand it to the…