America Mercifully Spared From Awful Sitcom About Colin Cowherd's Life

Tweeted Cowherd, "Network passed on my sitcom. On to plan B. In talks with Charlie Sheen for new show 'Almost Winning.' Taste that CBS." » 5/17/11 10:15am 5/17/11 10:15am

Colin Cowherd Will Have You Know His Script Can Get Worse By The Hour

Back in February, we brought you the Awful Pilot for Colin Cowherd's Awful TV Show. It was doubly awful. Read it here if you're so inclined. » 4/17/11 2:00pm 4/17/11 2:00pm

We Have The Awful Pilot For Colin Cowherd's Awful TV Show

A tipster has sent along the script for the first episode of Colin Cowherd's "relationship" sitcom, which is being developed for CBS and which is roughly The Honeymooners meets Frasier meets the really insightful parts of Bedtime for Bonzo. Here are some highlights. » 2/15/11 1:00pm 2/15/11 1:00pm