And This Is Why We Need Grantland

If you haven't yet read Charlie Pierce's Grantland essay about his time at The National, you should, and not just because it's Pierce hanging out in Bill Simmons's house, and not just because it's the best appreciation of the much-appreciated National you'll find. You should read it because it's essentially the… » 6/10/11 5:00pm 6/10/11 5:00pm

Ryan Leaf Used To Be Carried In The Arms Of Cheerleaders, Part 3,296

Ryan Leaf, having long ago surpassed the vaunted trifecta of failure, has just signed a three-part book deal. The columnist and former NFL player will write three books about the greatest tale of human tragedy known to sports: Ryan Leaf. » 12/20/10 10:00pm 12/20/10 10:00pm

Ryan Leaf Used To Be Carried In The Arms Of Cheerleaders, Part 987

It seems like twice a year there's a new Ryan Leaf story published, updating us on the whereabouts of the NFL's bust-of-all-busts who is always on the verge of a personal rebirth. Here we go again. » 9/13/10 6:35pm 9/13/10 6:35pm

Another Eulogy For The National

Bud Shaw has a nice reminiscence of his time at The National, the short-lived sports daily over which media people of a certain age get understandably wistful, at least when they're not getting wistful over Spy. [Mental Floss] » 12/02/09 5:30pm 12/02/09 5:30pm

Ryan Leaf Used To Be Carried In The Arms Of Cheerleaders. Part 87

New blue blood/great white hope, Ryan Leaf has finally kicked his silly vicodin addiction and is busy starting his life over (again) in "environmentally soothing" Vancouver, B.C. He says he's finally found the cause of his personal problems — football. » 10/14/09 2:05pm 10/14/09 2:05pm

Ryan Leaf Used To Be Carried In The Arms Of Cheerleaders, Part 47

New blue blood/Great white hope, Ryan Leaf was finally captured at the US-Canada border after dodging Texas authorities for close to a month. [San Diego Tribune] » 6/17/09 5:24pm 6/17/09 5:24pm

Remembering The Long-Dead "The National"

Old-time media people might remember the short-lived "The National," a daily national sports newspaper founded by Frank Deford and featuring a lot of names you probably didn't know in the early '90s but certainly do now (Chris Mortensen, Keith Olbermann , Scott Ostler). As romantic as the idea of a daily intelligent,… » 2/06/07 1:30pm 2/06/07 1:30pm