Therapy Is For Everyone, Even You

Contrary to popular belief, everybody could use a little therapy. Even after a decade of watching Don of All Dons Tony Soprano put in his weekly couch time, we downplay the importance of mental health and regard talking about your feelings as a sign of weakness. (It's not.) That said, therapy shouldn't be… » 4/14/15 1:32pm 4/14/15 1:32pm

The NFL Has Been Making Unruly Fans Pay To Take Anger Management Courses From A Shady Therapist

Yesterday's New York Times featured a story about the NFL's ongoing struggle to keep fans from acting like maniacs and beating the shit out of each other at games. One step the league has taken has been to tell fans that have been ejected from games that they must complete an online anger management course (which… » 11/29/12 10:50am 11/29/12 10:50am