Cincinnati Also Wants To Steal Money From Its Football Players

You’d think the wave of shit that came crashing down on Virginia Tech defensive coordinator Bud Foster after he told reporters of his plans to discipline his players with monetary fines, followed by the Hokies AD’s immediate nuking of the asinine idea, would have scared other schools away from trying the same thing.… »8/27/15 11:33am8/27/15 11:33am


The 15 Most Surreal Moments From 2012's Sports-Related Next Media Animation Videos

Next Media Animation, the Taiwanese animation company that produces short cartoons recapping the news of the day, has its best muse in sports, where the lines between good and evil lend themselves to pictures of angry video game characters, and events are just cartoonish enough to spark the overactive NMA… »12/29/12 10:45am12/29/12 10:45am

Infographic: Watch More Coaches Climb Up Football's Hierarchies

Last week, after Cincinnati snagged Tommy Tuberville away from Texas Tech, we took a look at some of the longest chains of football-coach hirings in recent memory. Since then, this chain grew one link longer, as Texas Tech hired Texas A&M offensive coordinator Kliff Kingsbury to fill its vacant position. »12/20/12 9:25am12/20/12 9:25am

Tommy Tuberville Literally Left Texas Tech In The Middle Of A Dinner With Texas Tech Recruits

Tommy Tuberville left Texas Tech for Cincinnati this weekend, an odd occurrence that left the athletic department at Texas Tech "completely blindsided." Also blindsided by Tuberville's exit: The recruits with whom he was having dinner, when Tuberville left—to go to the bathroom? to take a phone call from Cincinnati AD… »12/12/12 12:35pm12/12/12 12:35pm

Tommy Tuberville Is Going To Cincinnati Even Though There Will Hardly Be A Big East To Greet Him When He Gets There

Tommy Tuberville is going to fill Butch Jones's old ass groove at Cincinnati. Three years ago, coming off of a decade of success at SEC-powerhouse Auburn, going to a Big East team, even a strong Big East team, would have seemed crazy. Now, after three middling years at Big 12 Texas Tech, the most recent of which has… »12/08/12 5:55pm12/08/12 5:55pm

An Angry Tommy Tuberville Got Physical With One Of His Assistants On The Sideline

By all accounts, a ranked Texas Tech team at home ought to be spanking the hapless Kansas Jayhawks on the football field. Alas, the score's a bit tighter than one would expect—24-17 as of this writing—and Red Raiders mistakes have made head coach Tommy Tuberville a very angry panda indeed. It's enough to make him… »11/10/12 2:42pm11/10/12 2:42pm

Texas Tech Football Coach Tommy Tuberville Accused Of Fraud In $1.7 Million Federal Lawsuit

In July 2009, between his departure at Auburn and when he was hired at Texas Tech, Tommy Tuberville was featured in a Birmingham News story as an "amateur stock guru." At the time, the article said, Tuberville was brought in to help "drum up a little business for a big-time hedge fund." Now, he's been listed in a… »2/28/12 3:10pm2/28/12 3:10pm

Milwaukee Brewers, Texas Tech Are Both Very Very Texas

It is always fun when athletes play dress-up, because the idea of tens of men all wearing the same uniform is a kind of dress-up anyway. The Brewers shed their road grays for flannel on their recent trip to Houston. It was all at the suggestion of manager Ron Roenicke, who got the idea of theme road trips from Joe… »9/06/11 3:40pm9/06/11 3:40pm

Obama Released His Birth Certificate In The Face Of Unrelenting Pressure From Tommy Tuberville

Tuberville, appearing Tuesday on Sean Hannity's TV show: "We've got enough controversy going on in this country. I don't know why he wouldn't just step up and say, ‘Here it is.' Obviously, there's got to be something on there he doesn't want anybody to see." [Lubbock Avalanche-Journal] »4/27/11 1:30pm4/27/11 1:30pm

Tommy Bowden's Firing: Is Coaching Clemson that Great of a Job Anyway?

In the wake of Tommy Bowden's firing after nine years at Clemson, current players are already piling on. The quarterback he benched, Cullen Harper, told ESPN, "They just told us. It's what he deserved." »10/13/08 2:30pm10/13/08 2:30pm And this whole firing business might not be that big of a surprise since , I pointed out that in nine seasons…