Trent Williams Is An Unkillable Force Of Nature

We found out Saturday that Redskins tackle Trent Williams would miss the Pro Bowl after being involved in a Honolulu nightclub brawl, his roster spot going to Matt Kalil. (Aside: how did Kalil drop whatever he was going, get to Hawaii, and get ready to play so quickly? I think each conference has someone on call in… » 1/28/13 10:20am 1/28/13 10:20am

Redskins OL Trent Williams Will Miss The Pro Bowl Because A Nightclub Patron Tasered Him And Cracked A Bottle On His Head

Yesterday, the Vikings announced that Matt Kalil would be taking over for Redskins offensive lineman Trent Williams in this Sunday's Pro Bowl. The Vikings couldn't supply any details and, as the Pro Bowl is an especially inessential exhibition, some speculated that Williams was merely resting from injuries incurred… » 1/26/13 9:30am 1/26/13 9:30am

Here's How Seahawks Corner Richard Sherman Got Himself Punched In The Face On Sunday

Seahawks corner Richard Sherman is an NFL trash-talker ready-made for the internet age. He was one of the NFL's best defensive backs as a rookie in 2011, and yet he didn't register in the national consciousness until he threw a "U MAD BRO?" Tom Brady's way on Twitter in October. » 1/09/13 11:25am 1/09/13 11:25am

Here's The Rest Of Trent "Silverback" Williams's Gorilla-Themed Basement

Yesterday we brought you the news that Washington Redskins OT Trent Williams has fully bought in to his "Silverback" nickname, decorating his basement with all sorts of gorilla art. We had a picture of one painting, a gorilla wearing Williams's 71 jersey. Now we've got the rest of the set, thanks to tipster and… » 6/08/12 1:05pm 6/08/12 1:05pm

Trent Williams Owns A Painting Of Himself As A Gorilla, Because Of Course He Does

Redskins tackle Trent Williams has a nickname: Silverback. It's a self-bestowed nickname, but he's really committed to the idea. He dropped six figures on a massive diamond gorilla head chain, had Roger Goodell introduce him as Silverback when he was drafted, and apparently has remodeled his basement in a Midcentury… » 6/07/12 5:20pm 6/07/12 5:20pm

Trent Williams Will Soon Be Wearing A $150,000 Silverback Gorilla Chain In The Club

One of Dan Steinberg's readers directed him to a video (see below) in which a jeweler shows off one of the more absurdly blingy items a professional athlete has ever commissioned. It's a black-and-white diamond encrusted silverback gorilla chain for Redskins tackle Trent "Silverback" Williams. Supposedly, it's worth… » 7/21/11 1:50pm 7/21/11 1:50pm