It Appears North Carolina Has Published Julius Peppers's Transcript For Some Reason

Little over a year ago the University of North Carolina threw one of its own on the altar of the NCAA, firing head football coach Butch Davis after the school was penalized for, among other things, improper benefits and academic violations. Having dispensed with Davis, the school sought to turn the page. On Friday, »8/13/12 1:58am8/13/12 1:58am


Eric Montross is Paying Hush Money For John Edwards's Love Child?

Once a Tar Heel always a Tar Heel, I guess. Politics and sports make strange bedfellows. The John Edwards love-child affair hasn't really crossed over into the mainstream media because, honestly, I have no idea why it hasn't. Probably because most of the people who would be reporting on the matter have a love child… »8/01/08 2:30pm8/01/08 2:30pm