Kentucky Monitors Athletes' Social Media Accounts For Sports Agents' Names

Just in case you thought the whole creepy social media monitoring thing was starting to die down, it's not. Back in May, we got a glimpse into LSU's use of a social media monitoring company called UDiligence, where athletes were already being monitored for the use of hundreds of hilarious trigger words related to… »8/20/12 7:06pm8/20/12 7:06pm


Don't Say "Colt 45" Or "Pearl Necklace": How To Avoid Being Busted By The Facebook Cops Of College Sports

In March, we learned a little about the cottage industry that has sprung up around monitoring the Twitter and Facebook accounts of college athletes. Six of the schools that appeared in this year's men's Elite Eight have contracts with companies that track what the athletes are doing on social media. So do other major… »5/24/12 2:30pm5/24/12 2:30pm