How My Career Ended: I Threw The Most Famous Block In NFL History But…

Tell Me When It's Over is an interview series in which we ask former athletes about the moment they knew their playing days were over (among other things). Today: five-time All-Pro guard Jerry Kramer, the man who delivered the key block in one of the NFL's greatest games. » 12/04/12 2:05pm 12/04/12 2:05pm

Yale's Football Coach, Like Vince Lombardi, May Have Padded His…

Yale quarterback Patrick Witt's conflict with the Rhodes Scholarship organization this week has also drawn attention to the scholarly credentials of the school's football coach, Tom Williams. So far, the New York Times has devoted two stories—with two reporters working on each—to investigating whether Williams ever… » 11/18/11 5:19pm 11/18/11 5:19pm

Only A Jets Fan Keeps Vince Lombardi's Grave From Being A Neglected…

Vince Lombardi was buried with his wife and parents in a little cemetery in Northern New Jersey. Almost immediately, it was abandoned to the elements. » 5/26/11 2:50pm 5/26/11 2:50pm

Deadspin Casting Roundup: Vince Lombardi To Get Glory Road-ed

Legendary Fordham Football Rams coach Vince Lombardi's story is coming to the silver screen and Robert De Niro is set to play the Super Bowl trophy's namesake. In related news, the dad from The Wonder Years just fired his agent. [TheWrap] » 3/09/10 8:45pm 3/09/10 8:45pm

I Loved It. It Was Much Better Than "The Bengals"

Broadway is producing a play about the life of Vince Lombardi. Because the only thing liberal East Coast elitst theatergoers love more than football is people from Wisconsin. [WSOCTV] » 11/10/09 12:45pm 11/10/09 12:45pm