Abby Wambach: FIFA Refused Cost-Free Offers To Replace Turf Fields

Odious moron Sepp Blatter has described himself as “a godfather of the organization of women’s football in FIFA.” Apparently, he didn’t consider an offer to quell the controversy about artificial fields at this summer’s Women’s World Cup by replacing the turf with grass—free of charge, mind you—an offer he couldn’t… » 5/07/15 5:32pm 5/07/15 5:32pm

Jerramy Stevens Arrested For DUI; Hope Solo Suspended By U.S. Soccer

Yesterday TMZ broke the news that former Seahawks and Buccaneers tight end Jerramy Stevens was arrested in Los Angeles early Monday morning for DUI. Hope Solo—the U.S. Soccer goalkeeper and Stevens's wife—was also in the car, and TMZ says she and Stevens were belligerent with police (emphasis theirs): » 1/21/15 8:41pm 1/21/15 8:41pm

Alex Morgan Out Of World Cup Qualifying After This Nasty Ankle Injury

Alex Morgan will miss the rest of the USWNT's World Cup qualifying matches because of a sprained ankle she picked up during Thursday's game against Guatemala. It's an unfortunate set-back for a player with a history of ankle injuries, but thankfully it doesn't look as serious as it could've been. » 10/18/14 2:51pm 10/18/14 2:51pm

Trinidad & Tobago Women's Soccer Team Gets Unlikely Help From Haiti

On Wednesday we wrote about the Trinidad & Tobago women's soccer team, which arrived in the U.S. for World Cup qualifying with just about $500 to its name. That wasn't nearly enough to cover the food, travel, and equipment needed for the next three weeks. But fans and colleagues have stepped up to help, perhaps none… » 10/10/14 10:29am 10/10/14 10:29am

Trinidad And Tobago Women's Soccer Team Could Use Help With Meal Money

Trinidad and Tobago just made it to the United States for the final round of qualifying for the 2015 Women's World Cup, a goal the island nation has never achieved in its 23 years of fielding a women's soccer team. It's not going to be easy: the "Soca Princesses" have arrived with, quite literally, not much more than… » 10/08/14 1:13pm 10/08/14 1:13pm

Top Female Soccer Players Sue FIFA Over Bullshit Artificial Turf

After weeks of pleading with FIFA to change its mind about playing the 2015 women's World Cup on field turf instead of grass and being met with nothing but stubbornness, a handful of women's soccer's biggest stars have filed a lawsuit against FIFA to try and force the organization to put the upcoming games back on… » 10/01/14 4:22pm 10/01/14 4:22pm

Sports Media Celebrate Equality By Accusing Hope Solo And The USWNT Of…

The U.S. women lost in the World Cup final to Japan on Sunday in Frankfurt after relinquishing leads in the waning moments of both regulation and overtime, then whiffing on its first three penalty kicks, the second of which went soaring off toward Lower Bavaria. In reductive, knee-jerk sportsworldese, this is called… » 7/19/11 5:25pm 7/19/11 5:25pm

The Women's World Cup Final Totally Kicked The Royal Wedding's Ass In…

Because one would never want to rely merely on television ratings to assess the popularity of women's sports, one must do the next best thing when one is a member of a generation of navel-gazing tech addicts: use Twitter! Oh, hooray. What ever would we do without Twitter? What ever would we do without the knowledge… » 7/18/11 1:40pm 7/18/11 1:40pm

Watch The Gut-Churning End To The Women's World Cup

The U.S. women's national team's run came to an end today in Frankfurt. Here's Abby Wambach's go-ahead goal in extra time, Homare Sawa's nifty conversion off of a corner kick soon after to tie it up, and — for the U.S. and for me, at least — the heartbreaking end in penalty kicks. I still advocate for Wambach's … » 7/17/11 6:25pm 7/17/11 6:25pm

Here's The Alex Morgan Goal That Looked Like It Was Going To Win The…

This game has been stressful to watch. After an uneventful first half, in which the Americans hit every part of the goalposts but couldn't find the back of the net, Alex Morgan finally capitalized on this beautiful goal. Japan tied it up a few minutes later. If you're not watching now — and if you didn't celebrate… » 7/17/11 4:30pm 7/17/11 4:30pm