• Wait. You do it with Derek Jeter and some other lady, and you expect free parking too? Sheesh.
This is not the best way to intimidate Josh Beckett.
• The Rockies are in the World Series.
• See ya, Torre.
• Mr. Lloyd, Mr. Aikman is on line two.
• Bill Simmons, mo-capped.
Those diligent beat reporters.
• Man, screw that guy.
• Tim McCarver has learned a fascinating new fact.
Remembering FrankTV, the show that hasn't even started yet.
Negro Nascar!
• Cowboys.com is more expensive than the team thought.
• Sorry, we don't think you should be able to wear redface.
• Jason Kidd will kick your tubby ass.


That'll do it for us, folks. We're currently in Mattoon, readying our trip to Memorial Stadium tomorrow night for the Illini-Michigan game, which of course, because of the ALCS, no one will be watching. Alas. Matt Sussman is your maestro this weekend, which should be an active one. We'll see you Monday.