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Ookie, Ned, 2/1/07 And A Little Horse That Couldn't

• There was some Hall of Fame voting.
Sally Jenkins is awesome.
Thirty freaking runs.
• We will never, ever wear a Texas shirt.
• Hirshey was there for that madness in the Meadowlands.
• His newspaper is not being nice to Stephen A. Smith.
• Comcast ... CLEVER!
Get yourself a fuck lion, stat.
• Dan Shanoff's column debuted.
Hey there, blue hair, do you like football?
• Michael Vick is pleading, kind of. Funny guy.


Whew. Hall of Fame week is exhausting. ALSO! This is key: To give the great Jim Cooke time to make the plaque illustrations, voting has been extended to 5 p.m. Monday night, and inductees will be announced Tuesday.

As for us, we're handing the mic to Matt Sussman for the weekend. We have to go to a wedding this weekend, so we look forward to still being hungover Monday morn. See you then.

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