The Raiders Have Released Antonio Brown

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Photo: Christian Petersen (Getty)

It’s finally over. After a seemingly endless month of drama that included nightmare feet, a global search for an acceptable helmet, plenty of missed practices, a heated argument with his GM, a video that may have used an illegal recording of his coach, a hefty fine and loss of $30 million in guaranteed money, and finally, a demand for his release, Antonio Brown is gone from the Oakland Raiders. The team announced his release on Saturday morning:


While this roster move would have been shocking just a few weeks ago, it doesn’t even register as a surprise after Brown’s Instagram post this morning, which specifically called out the Raiders to release him. Further reporting showed that Brown’s demand came because, in fining him for an argument with GM Mike Mayock in which he reportedly called Mayock a cracker, the Raiders found a way to snake out of owing Brown any of his $30 million in guaranteed money. According to the contract website Spotrac, Brown now has to leave the Raiders with no money at all.

So, how long until the Patriots pick him up?