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Week In Deadspin: By The Time The Super Bowl Gets Here, We'll Have Forgotten Who Is Playing

Our new friends, Andre Rison and Kordell Stewart.
• Major League Baseball hates you.
• Ugh, Bruce Pearl.
• Hee hee, nose picking.
How will we survive without Bill Parcells' manboobs?
• REPORTERS TAKE NOTE: Your guide to the Colts and the Bears.
• Welcome to The Negro Bowl.
• Peyton Manning is suddenly a different guy.
• The Sean Salisbury audio says one thing, and he says many other things.
• The brave souls who tracked Dick Vitale.
• Ron Mexico, vindicated! (Kind of, not really.)
• David Hirshey, on the scene for a big Arsenal moment.


All righty; enjoy an NFL-free weekend with The Mighty MJD. We'll be back on Monday with all kinds of Super Bowl goodness; by then, Mr. Daulerio will be in Miami, and who the hell knows what will come out of that. So rest up, kids. See you then.

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