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• So hello to Ryan Freel's little friend!
• We had some fun with Arash Markazi, but it was the dulcet tones of Scott Van Pelt that really won us over.
• Yeah, see, things just aren't going well for Mo Clarett. (We can call him "Mo," 'cause we're pals.)
• The NFL has a new dude in charge. Nice hair, too.
• When local broadcasts go very, very wrong.
• Emmitt Smith makes us sad.
• Get your Eddie Johnsons straight.
• Peter Gammons will be back soon.
• Phyllis was a Buzzsaw cheerleader. Nice!
• Bud Selig hates you. So you know.
• DTC, baby: D.T.C.
• We really are gonna get this tattoo. OK, not really.


That'll do it for us, folks. As always, enjoy The Mighty MJD all weekend; we're going to be alphabetizing our socks. We'll see you Monday.