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Week In Deadspin: Live Forever

• Barbaro ... the Chee-to!
• Iowa wants to control exactly who wants to fire their coaches.
• Boy, the NIT sure is exciting.
• Don't worry, you're not weird for reading more ESPN than FoxSports.
• If you have a low seed, you will take your rat hotel and you will LIKE it.
• Tony LaRussa should have double-switched on drivers.
• Jose Canseco, bonged from "Dancing With The Stars."
Help ESPN out with "cool," would you?
• Ozzie Guillen, nostalgist.
• Xavier, still a little upset about the Greg Oden business.
• OJ Mayo, loving life.
• Seriously, Selig ... suck it.


Fun week, and jeez, there's so much more left to go. The Mighty MJD will take you through the weekend's full slate, and, of course, we'll still be writing at TimesSelect every day too. (In case you feared we weren't paying attention.) Have fun out there, and we'll see you Monday, with a brand spanking new Final Four for you. Be safe.

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