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Week In Deadspin: Our Day With Stephen A.

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• We went to visit the set of "Quite Frankly With Stephen A. Smith" and came back with a newfound respect for the guy. Naw, just kidding. He does dress nice though.
• Joe Buck and Todd Zeile, sitting in a tree ...
• Holy crap, did you see what Pujols just did? Wow, that's unbelievable! The Cards are totally gonna — well, crap. Well, at least the White Sox are having fun.
• More about the genital sizes of baseball players that you could ever hope to know. Much more.
Ali G is the coolest thing on TNT (outside of Lenny Briscoe).
• Everyone should go as Ugueth Urbina for Halloween.
• Woody Paige is very serious. About his dog food.
Makeout tips from Ozzie Guillen and the White Sox.
Bootsy Collins digs him some Cincinnati Bengals.
• Barry Bonds opens up to us. No, we're kidding around again. It's what we do. You know, like the "Quite Frankly" thing above. We're pranksters!


Oh, and we finally loosened our death-like grip on Deadspin content and unleashed comments to the world. Have a nice weekend. Try to give Joe Buck a virtual footrub through the screen, if you could.

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