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Week in Deadspin: Time For BoSox And Yanks To PARTY!

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• The season couldn't end fast enough for Keith Foulke, swordsman!
• It's Ozzie Guillen's playoffs, and we're all just squirrels trying to get nuts. Or something like that.
• The Yankees were eliminated, and the entire online world did cartwheels. Fortunately, Yankees fans can spell.
• "ESPN Hollywood" made us lose our minds there for a bit.
• Yar, thar be Vikings on that yonder boat!
• There's another Sports Guy. His name is Brent. He's glad to meet you. Say hi.
• It's a Reggie Miller corn maze. We cannot overemphasize how happy this made us.
• Joe Paterno is all over the lesbian action.
• Paul Tagliabue loves his live gay son.
• Ladies and gentlemen ... Mr. Doug Eddings!


Enjoy the weekend, everyone. And, of course ... Go. Cardinals.

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