here's a decent chance that at some point in the past 24 hours — perhaps when he did a little shimmy on the floor after drawing a late offensive foul, or when he began yapping demonstratively at the Less Than Zero extras in the stands, or when he passive-aggressively referred to Derrick Rose as "MVP," or when it emerged that he is pals with Drake — some of the old, cold feeling came rushing back. You remembered just what it was you hated about LeBron James. Now, with LeBron on the cusp of the NBA finals, let's revisit his summer of reckoning and the debate that raged through these pages: Is LeBron a cocksucker or not?

Also: Timofey Mozgov Is Cocksucker

Drew Magarykov: "Mozgov is past point of not come back. He is cocksucker. He is guy who care more about making famous than making basketball." READ »

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