The Best Videos Of The Week

JaVale does a JaVale thing, a soccer player kicks a ballboy, Jim Harbaugh shows us how to find the asshole, the Birdman and Mike Miller rap, and a soccer player gets a friendly welcome back to the pitch. Here are the best videos of the week.

The Best Videos Of The WeekS

JaVale McGee Throws Himself An Alley-Oop, Dons A Celebratory Fingerstache

JaVale McGee is not a normal basketball player. Watch »

The Best Videos Of The Week

Chelsea's Eden Hazard Kicks Ballboy, Is Sent Off From League Cup Semifinal Match

Chelsea found themselves down a man as Belgian Eden Hazard in an attempt to wrest a ball off the touchline from a ballboy proceeded to kick the youth. Watch »

The Best Videos Of The Week

"Find The Asshole, That's Where That Knuckle Goes": A Young Jim Harbaugh On How To Play Quarterback

Right on the center's asshole. That's where Jim Harbaugh says the quarterback should put the knuckle of his pointer finger before the snap. Watch »

The Best Videos Of The Week

Stop Everything: Here's Chris Andersen And Mike Miller Performing "Ice Ice Baby"

World-shattering levels of whiteness are being achieved here. Watch »

The Best Videos Of The Week

Soccer Fans' Chant At Player Who Temporarily Left Match During Play: "He Went For A Shit"

Upon his return, the hometown fans eloquently serenaded Puncheon with their best guess as to where he might have gone. Watch »