The Best Videos Of The Week

A disgruntled goalie gets his revenge, Marco Rubio gets thirsty, Nerlens Noel goes down, one girl hits the half-court shot to end all half-court shots, and a running back gets all the fat guy touchdowns. Here are the best videos of the week.

The Best Videos Of The Week

Disgruntled Goalie Scores On His Own Net, Flips Off Coaches, Skates Off The Ice Forever

The video picks up there as he skates it in front and casually slips it into his own net. He sends a middle finger to his bench, fires off a salute, and skates back to the locker room. Watch »

The Best Videos Of The Week

Let's All Watch Marco Rubio's Panicked Drink Of Water In Extreme Slow Motion

It was the swig heard 'round the world. Watch »

The Best Videos Of The WeekS

Kentucky Star Nerlens Noel Leaves Game Against Florida After Suffering Knee Injury That Left Him Screaming In Pain

This is tough to watch (and to listen to, since it might be the sound of a promising NBA career being tossed into the spinning wheel of injury fate). Watch »

The Best Videos Of The Week

This Full-Court, Bouncing Shot From A High School Basketball Game Is Bananas

It's kind of like Tiger on 16 at Augusta, only high school basketball in Colorado. Watch »

The Best Videos Of The Week

Watch This Gigantic High School Running Back Score Fat Guy Touchdowns

Everyone likes watching fat guys score touchdowns. Watch »