TV Station Interrupts Sudden Death-Winning Putt To Report On Weather

Savannah golf fans watching the final, tournament-winning putt of the Heritage Classic at Hilton Head on local CBS affiliate WTOC never saw Jim Furyk’s birdie in sudden death, nor his energetic celebration. That’s because a weatherman broke in at the very moment of tension to report that there were no tornado watches,… » 4/19/15 7:21pm Yesterday 7:21pm

ESPN Reporter Britt McHenry Has A History Of Being Rude As Hell

After everyone watched ESPN reporter Britt McHenry channel Regina George at a towing company employee, she walked back her behavior. She apologized on Twitter, and the Worldwide Leader dropped a one-week suspension on her. When something like this happens, other, smaller items usually emerge to reveal more about the… » 4/17/15 4:33pm Friday 4:33pm

Why Doesn't ESPN Care That A Fake ESPN President Canceled A Show?

The most influential sports media executive in the world, ESPN president John Skipper, recently had his identity stolen. The imposter used it to sabotage a seven-figure business deal arranged by Washington Redskins owner Dan Snyder, one of the richest businessmen in the country. The attendant publicity damaged the… » 4/13/15 4:51pm 4/13/15 4:51pm

Katie Nolan Devastates Co-Worker's Horrible Blog On Garbage Time

Fox Sports personality and Garbage Time host Katie Nolan was among the first to call bullshit on thisHow To Land A Husband At The Masters” post that appeared on co-worker Clay Travis’s Fox-owned Outkick The Coverage blog when it popped up last week. That the outspoken and generally awesome Nolan would call it out… » 4/13/15 9:30am 4/13/15 9:30am

Boston News Station In Trouble For Following Hernandez Jurors Around

If you’re covering a murder trial for a local news station, the last thing you should do is try to follow one of the jurors home. If you just can’t help yourself, though, you should definitely do so in a vehicle that is not a gigantic, conspicuous news van that has your station’s name painted all over it. » 4/09/15 12:29pm 4/09/15 12:29pm

Bad Company Man Jeff Van Gundy Brings Up Augusta's Discrimination

Beginning tomorrow, ESPN will broadcast the first two rounds of the Masters at Augusta National Golf Club, so during tonight’s NBA contest they ran a little promo for it. Unfortunately for ESPN and the Masters, play-by-play man Mike Breen went off-script and imagined a world in which Jeff Van Gundy was calling the… » 4/09/15 12:00am 4/09/15 12:00am

Soccer Coach Laments That Only A Few Of His Players Have Dicks And Balls

Carlisle United have been struggling. The club playing in England's 4th division have gone winless in their last five, including yesterday's 3-1 home loss to Accrington. Manager Keith Curle is fed up with his players, and decided to call them out in the media for their main deficiency: only a few of them have… » 4/07/15 5:54pm 4/07/15 5:54pm

Ray Rice's Biggest Problem Isn't That He Knocked Out His Wife, But When

The 2015 Ray Rice Redemption Tour officially launched this week with similar, similarly glowing profiles of the ex-Baltimore Raven in Men’s Fitness and New York. Once best-known for being one of the top running backs in the National Football League, he’s now principally famous for having knocked his fiancée… » 4/07/15 2:17pm 4/07/15 2:17pm

Andrew Brandt Has Another Unfunny Twitter Joke

In September we were tipped off to the Twitter account of then-ESPN reporter Andrew Brandt (it isn’t clear where he works now, but he’s popped up at MMQB a lot lately), where he made the same joke about over and over and over and over again. We said he needed to find a new Twitter joke, and it seems he has, though to… » 4/04/15 12:55pm 4/04/15 12:55pm