Jason Pierre-Paul Will Play Tomorrow For The First Time Since Blowing Up His Hand

Four months ago, on July 4, Jason Pierre-Paul accidentally lost the index finger and parts of two others on his right hand in a fireworks accident. Thus began a saga that involved Adam Schefter releasing JPP’s medical records, the Giants trying to slap the franchise tag on JPP, and finally, a new contract and hi-def … »11/07/15 5:25pm11/07/15 5:25pm

The Giants Lost In A Way No Team Has In Over 50 Years

The Saints and Giants disrespected the entire concept of defense in football Sunday as they combined for 101 total points in a 52-49 New Orleans win. Drew Brees threw seven passing touchdowns; Eli Manning threw six. Since only one team could win, the Giants ended up scoring the second-most points in any game on Sunday… »11/02/15 2:44pm11/02/15 2:44pm

Take Your First Good Look At Jason Pierre-Paul's Mangled Hand

Jason Pierre-Paul has finally returned to the New York Giants, a few months after blowing apart his right hand in a fireworks mishap. Now that he’s under contract, JPP doesn’t have to be shy about his injury, so he let an AP photographer snap some photos when he met with the media today. The guy’s hand is pretty… »10/30/15 3:43pm10/30/15 3:43pm

Jason Pierre-Paul's Teammates All Want To See His "Club"

Jason Pierre-Paul is back at Giants practice after signing a contract yesterday, and hopes to play at least half a season after losing parts of two fingers on his right hand in a fireworks accident on July 4. The deal he agreed to seems like a fair one, given the questions over his health and his ability: he’ll get… »10/29/15 1:30pm10/29/15 1:30pm

Daniel Fells Is Home And His Kids Are Thrilled To See Him

Giants tight end Daniel Fells was released from the hospital yesterday, 18 days and seven surgeries after being admitted with a MRSA infection that threatened the amputation of his foot. The infection is under control—Fells will get to keep his foot—but the best part might have been when his kids got to see him for… »10/21/15 4:30pm10/21/15 4:30pm

Report: Giants Tight End Daniel Fells Could Lose Foot To MRSA Infection

Daniel Fells suffered an ankle injury in practice a little over a week ago. Initially, it wasn’t thought to be serious. He was given a cortisone shot for the pain and coach Tom Coughlin was optimistic he’d play last week. Instead, he went to the hospital with 104-degree fever and has since undergone five surgeries to… »10/11/15 10:31am10/11/15 10:31am

Cops: Priest Pulled Gun On 8-Year-Old Because He Was A Cowboys Fan

Father Kevin Carter of St. Margaret of Cortona in Little Ferry, Nj. was arrested on Friday and charged with one count of fourth degree aggravated assault with a firearm and one count of third degree endangering the welfare of a child for an incident that occurred back on September 13. According to Bergen County… »10/04/15 11:03am10/04/15 11:03am