Tony Romo Calls Out LB Jameel McClain As The Mike; McClain Disagrees

Quarterbacks call out the Mike linebacker all the time in football. The purpose is so the offensive line knows which defensive players to block, using the Mike as a starting point. (Here's a quick, good explanation for the unfamiliar.) When Tony Romo identified Giants linebacker Jameel McClain as the Mike on one play… » 10/19/14 6:45pm Sunday 6:45pm

Giants Brief Players On Ebola Before Trip To Dallas

Given America's infrastructure and standards of medical care, we realistically have very little to fear from the West African Ebola outbreak that recently arrived in Dallas. At the same time, it's hard to blame anyone for wanting to learn more about the disease, and that includes the NFL, which this week sent a… » 10/16/14 1:58pm Thursday 1:58pm

Victor Cruz's Injury Made Everyone Sad

NFL teams are notoriously cautious about announcing injuries. No matter how obvious a sprain or a tear may seem, they'll wait for a scan to confirm. Not last night. It was mere minutes after Victor Cruz was carted off that the Giants announced he had suffered a torn patella tendon, and that nonexistent delay might… » 10/13/14 11:52am 10/13/14 11:52am

Antrel Rolle: Prince Amukamara Is Good Now Because He's Gettin' Laid

Giants cornerback Prince Amukamara was a first-round pick in the 2011 draft, and hasn't exactly lived up to the high expectations that were set for him in the three years since. But so far this season, Amukamara has been playing well—he's got two picks and seven passes defended through the first four games—and… » 10/02/14 9:44am 10/02/14 9:44am

A Tearful David Wilson Says Goodbye To The NFL

Giants running back David Wilson was told by doctors earlier this week that he should never play football again, thanks to a degenerative neck condition. Today at Giants camp, Wilson met with the media to express his thanks for the time he did have in the game, and for the coaches and teammates who made it happen. » 8/06/14 3:06pm 8/06/14 3:06pm

Giants Shut Down David Wilson, "Most Likely" Ending His Career

ESPN is reporting that Giants doctors will place RB David Wilson on injured reserve for the season because of his latest neck injury. This is not much of a surprise—a source told last week that Wilson "needs a miracle" to play again—but it would be a premature and unsatisfying ending to a promising career that… » 8/04/14 2:19pm 8/04/14 2:19pm