Hospital Fires Two Employees Who Leaked Jason Pierre-Paul's Medical Records To ESPN

For days after Giants DE Jason Pierre-Paul injured his hand in a July 4 fireworks accident, we didn’t know anything more than that. We didn’t know the extent of the injury, or the operations required, or even how many fingers he had left...until ESPN’s Adam Schefter published a picture of Pierre Paul’s medical chart.

Report: Giants' Jay Bromley Accused Of Attempting To Rape A Woman And Hit Her With His Car

According to multiple reports this morning, New York Giants defensive lineman Jay Bromley is being investigated by the NYPD for attempted rape. Apparently, the 23-year-old Bromley met a 26-year-old woman on Instagram, then arranged to meet up with her at the Hyatt Herald Square Hotel early this morning. Here’s the New…


New Video Shows Confrontation Between Odell Beckham Jr. And Bat-Carrying Panthers Player

It’s hard to know what to make of Batghazi—the claims, which were released to various reporters all at the same time, hinting they came from a Giants source, that Panthers players gestured toward Odell Beckham Jr. with baseball bats before the game in which Beckham completely lost his composure. Here’s some more video…