The Sporting News' Chris Mottram was roaming around Radio Row at the Super Bowl Media Center yesterday โ€” at the Super Bowl, everything gets capital letters โ€” and came across the Chiefs' Larry Johnson. He was wearing a nice watch.

Mottram, being a dutiful Interwebs reporter, asked him about his watch. The following exchange ensued:

ME: Seriously, man, how much was that watch?
LJ: About 300?
ME: Dollars?
LJ: Thousand. They only made three of them in the world.
ME: $300,000? I'd have to spend 10 years worth of pay to buy that.
LJ: Or you could deal crack and get it in three weeks.

God we love Larry Johnson. We had no idea crack dealers made so much. The more you know ...

Larry Johnson Encourages Me To Deal Crack [The Sporting Blog]