Charles Barkley is looking into reality TV: It's about fixing his golf swing. Sadly, it doesn't include Denise Richards or Ali Lohan. [Black Sports Online] • Jon Heyman gets help from his wife during the trade deadline: "I am pretty much on my own at the trade deadline. Except for my wife, who prepares team depth charts, helps compiles phone lists, scans the internet for things I may not have seen and occasionally suggests sources to call – that is, when she isn’t tending to our 2-year-old." [The Big Lead] • Is Michael Phelps related to Gay-Hating Reverend Fred Phelps?: Shirley Phelps-Roper has the answer: "I'm just sayin - there are NO coincidences going on here - our God doeth all things well!! You talk about making people think about these issues - nothing like the national hero being confused with the national villain! YIKES!" [Good As You] UPDATE: Sorry about that synchro swimmer story. Fake, as is noted in the comments here, there and everywhere.