Sean West is a nondescript pitcher on a nondescript Florida Marlins team. But his night on the town in Philadelphia this weekend? Well, it defies description.

The Mighty Dan Gross's gossip column in the Philly Daily News has the play-by-play of West's vomit-and-poon-soaked Saturday night in Center City, straight from the limo driver.


West got into a shoving match with some men while leaving a nightclub with five groupies who traveled up from Miami for the last series of the season. He later leaned out the window and yelled at another group of men, who surrounded the limousine. Meanwhile, one of the girls is throwing up all over the back of the car.

Fast forward to West, nearly passed out in front of a federal building.

This motherf——- was laying on the ledge with his flip-flops on," Penny says as the girls tried to make their friend feel better.

Penny says West told him that he would pay for any cleaning, since he has a lot of money. When the limo arrived at the Hyatt Regency Penn's Landing, where the team stayed, West got out of the car with one of the women, and said they were heading to get a towel, but also announced his intent to have sex with his companion, and never returned.


That last line sounds ominous, but since he was at the ballpark the next afternoon, I guess he wasn't swallowed forever by groupie vagina.

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