Drew mentioned this earlier, but it bears further examination. The Redskins are selling beer in FedExField bathrooms? Holy crap, that's awesome. And unsanitary.

When you think football, you think beer. And when you think Redskins football, you think of the crapper. So this seems like a match made in heaven.

But it seems a little pushy, and more than a little icky, for beer vendors to be plying their trade to fans waiting on line to use the restrooms, and for those leaving the urinals. And it's not a new thing: one hero on a Skins message board has made it his personal quest to chronicle this practice, and he's found it two years in a row:


It's hard to fault this as a business practice, though. If you're a bathroom, selling beer is a great way to guarantee repeat business.

Breaking News: Fans Say Redskins Selling Beer in FedExField Bathrooms! [Washington City Paper]