Hell hath no fury like a Russian hockey star who just got his butt handed to him by a group of feisty Canadians. Point a camera in his face and he'll have no trouble shoving you to the ground.

It appears the poor photographer on the receiving end of Alexander Ovechkin's pushy attack is not a journalist, but a mere fan who saw the hockey legend strolling through some sort of large lobby and decided to whip out a camera. Naturally, instead of just walking by and ignoring her, he changed course to initiate the confrontation. Imagine if he'd lost by five goals instead of four. Perhaps a kick to the shins would have been appropriate.


Here is a description of the incident via Russian-to-English Google translation of a YouTube page, which basically has more legal standing than a signed and notarized deposition by God. I had no idea Ovie was only 100 pounds!

The leader of the team of Russia on hockey, Alexander Ovechkin hit the camcorder the fans team of Russia, which is specially flown over the ocean to cheer on their home team. The girl, like all fans of NHL stars, waiting for their idols at the entrance to the "Russian House". Ovey at this time imposing marched down the corridor, "home". But when he saw the camera, 100-pound hockey player abruptly went to her side and began to brutally snatch it from the girl.

- Do not scrap - pleaded fan to his idol.

Immediately to the aid of tall (188 cm height) hockey player arrived, his friends.

- At x ... I take off? - Mat overlaid with Alexander the Great fragile girl.

Strongest taking forward "Washington" could not stand the camera, the girl was more lucky, she escaped with contusions and bruises.