That Ohio kid who wore a LeBron Miami jersey to an Indians game after The Decision? The Heat offered to fly him down for a game, until the public caught wind and someone decided maybe they don't need to celebrate jerks. Again.

Matthew Bellamy, the douche from Sandusky (not to be confused with the douche from Muse), broke out the newly-minted white Heat No.6 at Progressive Field, to the ire and beershowers of fellow Clevelanders. He did the media rounds, and we assumed that would be the end of it.

Until someone in the Heat organization thought it would be a good idea to celebrate frontrunning. This week Bellamy posted on his Facebook page that he'd be taking his talents to South Beach this weekend. "Yeah, its a night named after me get to meet the team, all expenses are paid for!! Cant wait super excited"


Reaction was not positive. The Cleveland Scene was all over it, and it went national. All was set until some sane soul in the Heat offices figured that maybe bad publicity isn't what the most hated team in the league needs right now, and rescinded the invite.

Oh, sure, they couched it as "An invitation was prematurely extended to him prior to the approval process being completed," but that's corporate speak for "we didn't think people would notice." So all's well that ends well. Everyone still hates the Heat. Matthew Bellamy is still getting beaten up in Sandusky. Sun still rises in the east.

Miami Heat Hosting Matthew Bellamy, That Guy Who Wore the LeBron Jersey at an Indians Game (Updated) [Cleveland Scene]