By now, it's become clear that our incredible story of bitchiness and greed could not be so tidily wrapped and bowed. Sokhon Sen, the woman Jason Elia referenced by twitter handle on the Houston radio show (that portion, by the way has since been bleeped out), has come out and denied the whole thing.

I have been emailing with most of the parties involved here, including the radio host and admitted Jason Elia friend, John Wessling and Sokhon Sen herself. Despite my attempts, Jason Elia is the only person in this weird story that I have not heard from.

After posting the story last Sunday I got two emails relatively quickly. One was from Jason Elia. He wanted to let me know that I had gotten some facts wrong. Facts that were included in the initial email from his friend and radio host, John Wessling, to our tip box. He was relatively friendly, if not a little pushy. This would be the last I would hear from him.

The second email was from John Wessling asking that I mention his show's name, his twitter handle and reference his partner. We were also informed that, as the story went viral, Jason changed the rules—it wouldn't be the last time—instead of giving the tickets away at some point during the Pro Bowl, he would cut the contest off on the following Tuesday. He had received so many followers it was getting hard to track it properly. Or maybe he wanted to ride the wave of notoriety for all it was worth. Who really knows.


On Monday, The Daily Mail published its story with quotes and emails from Sohkon Sen. I contacted her on twitter and asked that she email me. She sent me what appear to be emails between her and Elia and a copy of the email she provided to the Mail.

Below is the statement I released:

I met Jason Elia in the late summer of 2011, approximately in August. I went out to visit him in October. It was the first and last time I ever saw him. At some point, in November, I stopped following him on twitter and attempted to stop all communications with him.

Contrary to what Mr. Elia alleged in his radio interview with ESPN radio, I did not break up with him because he told me he had cancer. I was never dating him in the first place. I did not demand or ask for his Super Bowl tickets. I cut off communications with him because he failed to recognize appropriate boundaries. He berated me when I went out with my friends during the weekend. He impersonated a victim of sexual harassment and emailed my friend's company in an effort to embarrass him and get him fired. In other respects, consistent with his conduct on ESPN radio, he has disrespected me in an effort to hurt me, emotionally and by reputation.

I have nothing but sympathy for Mr. Elia's health concerns and wish him a full and speedy recovery. I also wish him luck in his book and television endeavors. He has enough talent to succeed in both arenas without resorting to character assassinations and publicity stunts.

It appears to me that Mr. Elia needs help to handle the emotional weight of his current medical situation. I feel it is irresponsible and unethical of ESPN radio to exploit Mr. Elia's emotional state for ratings. I have nothing further to say on this matter and I request that the media will respect my privacy and that they exercise a little more discretion when dealing with the wild accusations thrown around by Mr. Elia.


Contrast that tone with her dealings with Jason. (Click to enlarge.)


At least three times after I received these emails, I asked her if she could provide me a version where Jason's entire responses were visible. She sent the same thing all three times. When I finally asked her to literally forward me the actual emails she stopped responding. As of writing this, I have not heard back from her. Maybe because I finally annoyed her enough, or maybe because there is something else going on. She had been incredibly accommodating for someone so publicly tarred and feathered up to that point, though. From the emails, it looks like Jason could be copping to having made the story up. In response to being called a liar he merely replies "I never said your name and I've refused to say your name." But who really knows.

Jason, for his part, told the Daily Mail that Sokhon Sen was not the ex-girlfriend he referred to on John Wessling's radio show. The show on which he provided Sokhon Sen's twitter handle. Which is now bleeped out.


Still with no response from Elia after he changed the rules to contest again, I got in touch with John Wessling. Elia had done another exclusive interview with Wessling (this time on his podcast) where he announced he would be giving the tickets away to some random, unnamed sob story emailers with the help of an unnamed charity, rather than the person responsible for the most followers. He told me that he "saw that she came fwd...what'd you expect her to say? Easily debunked." That would seem to contradict, or at least not acknowledge, Elia's claim that the girl referenced on the show was not the girl who dumped him for having cancer. Wessling now thinks he may have been "taken for a ride." But, again, who really knows.

Finally, someone who claims to know both Jason Elia and Sokhon Sen chimed in on twitter. He claims to live up the road from Sokhon Sen and says he used to sleep with her. Sokhon Sen told me she knew him and met Elia through him on Twitter. He told me over direct message that not only were both Jason Elia and Sokhon Sen insane, but that Elia had "tried to kill himself when she actually broke up with him. He downed a bottle of Xanax and crashed his car. Far preceding the diagnosis."


It's safe to say at this point that at least one of these people is lying, but who knows?

The only person who does really know, is Elia. And possibly Wessling, Lions and Sokhon Sen. It's possible this is just one huge put-on and they were all in on the whole thing. Or, maybe this whole cast of wacky characters are the victims of Elia's bitchiness and greed. We'll never know. What we do know is that next week, most people will forget all about this thing, if they haven't already, and go on with their lives. But this stunt, or whatever it was, is not without actual, real life victims. Won't someone think of the camgirls?