"Madison Square Garden" is a big deal for the Madison (S.D.) Bulldogsā€”an annual wrestling triangular, featuring "one of the most unique atmosphere's in the state for a dual. A packed gym, ridiculously loud music played at ever stop in the action, one big light over the mat, 1000 glow sticks, stats in prom dresses, and loud fans makes the night truly one of a kind."

Via Bob's Blitz, senior Michael McComish learned all about that one big light. Just as he kneeled to assume the referee's position in the center of the mat, the giant light fixture that gives "Madison Square Garden" its spotlight came crashing down directly on top of McComish. Fast-forward to about the 55-second mark of the video for the takeout.

McComish tweeted out later that he was fine, just a few stitches required, and posted a photo of his gashes. How the WWE hasn't yet ripped off this bit (from Phantom of the Opera, I guess) is beyond me.

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