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Sports News Without Fear, Favor or Compromise
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WWL multi-media superstar Rick Reilly's been busy with many new ESPN projects lately, but apparently it still isn't enough to justify his expensive paycheck.


One of the most strident anti-blogovist and curator of 800-word essay pieces, ESPN's Rick Reilly has finally caved and will now give the short-and-snappy a whirl. Behold, "Go Fish", Reilly's new blog on ESPN The Magazine. But it's not really called a blog. It looks like "Too Short For A Column", "Freak Celebrity Sighting", "Ricktionary" are all separate sections but, no, they're just the headlines. His first entries were all done on January 16 but there have been no other updates since then. Maybe he got frustrated. And for those of you still pining for W. and American Idol humor, enjoy your oil:

Not everything George W. Bush did as president was a disaster on the order of Sanjaya's hair.

Pretty soon they're going to have him moderating the comments section, too.

Go Fish! [ESPN The Mag]

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