Our redesign went over like gangbusters, totally. We are working on it, promise.
• God, we hate rain.
EIU wrestltng fever: CATCH IT.
Matt Geiger, pimp.
• Pirate fan walkout? What Pirate fan walkout?
Goodbye, Rod Beck.
Dice-K rocks, sort of.
• David Hirshey is not handling this Thierry Henry news well.
• Nope: Enough fantasy talk.
• KSK turned one glorious year old.
This guy would have been so much better on "Monday Night Football" than Dennis Miller.
• Danger, falling boxers.
• Here are Your Wishes.
Slam Duncans!
NBA Drafts are fun, but Stephen A. Smith hecklers are the best.
• Mark Cuban's odd potential lawsuit.
• David Beckham, tough guy.
• Oh yeah: Woody Paige and ESPN got sued. Wee.

Well, kids, the sad day has come: This weekend is the final weekend on Deadspin for the great Mighty MJD. Definitely come by and see him off, say goodbye to Deadspin's best writer. We are lesser without him; next week we'll be introducing our team of replacements who will attempt to fill MJD's protective outerwear. As for us, we'll see you Monday. We will only get through this if we stick together.