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Week In Review: Who Says Super Bowl Week Is Boring?

Jesus, people: What a week.

• We think it's accurate to say that AJ Daulerio had a busy week.
How could a wrestler possibly get herpes?
Lil Ronnie returns!
• We don't know about you, but we loved the Negro Bowl I coverage.
No, Barbaro, no! Oh, sweet prince, we shall never forget you.
• Jeez, thanks, John Kerry.
• ESPN2 goes the way of Barbaro.
• Of course he's on Springer.
Nick Saban's coonass.
• How fast can Billy Joel sing the national anthem?
• Filthy copyright infringers.
Puppy Bowl!
• Remember, remember, the first of February.


We are, without question, going to sleep until Sunday; and people say blogging is easy! A watershed week here, friends, and it's entirely thanks to you. It's one none of us will soon forget.


As mentioned a couple posts down, The Mighty MJD will be here all weekend, including live blogging the Super Bowl in a far superior fashion to our work over on the ole "glog." So everybody take a deep breath, go out and celebrate this evening, rest up, enjoy MJD, and let's get back here, ready to go again, on Monday. We're up for it if you are. Be safe ...

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