A 20-Year-Old Saved The Blackhawks And Fears The Media

Game 1 was two minutes from feeling very different. For a span of nearly 50 minutes, it appeared that Alex Killorn’s absurd deflection (I don’t want to call it “fluky,” because it wasn’t accidental, but Killorn couldn’t do that again if he tried) would stand up and give the Lightning a series lead. The Blackhawks were… » 6/04/15 10:00am 6/04/15 10:00am

Duncan Keith Might Be Superhuman

I was pulling hard for Chicago last night, not because I want them to win this series or because I want Anaheim to lose, but because I wanted to see the Blackhawks play the Ducks one more time. Chicago’s hard-fought 5-2 win, which required holding off yet another attempted Ducks comeback, means we get a Game 7, which… » 5/28/15 9:45am 5/28/15 9:45am

Ducks-Blackhawks Makes No Sense And It's Exhilarating

Waking up the next morning, it’s still kind of hard to believe the Ducks won that game. After choking away a three-goal lead amassed before the Blackhawks registered their first shot, and after conceding two goals to Jonathan Toews in the game’s final 1:50, Chicago completing the comeback felt like a fait accompli,… » 5/26/15 11:50am 5/26/15 11:50am

How Many Wins Do The Ducks Need Until They're Taken Seriously?

So what if these Ducks are for real? That isn’t meant to be an insulting question. They had a fantastic regular season, but we’ve seen that twice before, each time before playoff flameouts. They rolled through the first two rounds in the West, but they faced a pair of creampuffs. Their Game 1 win over the heavily… » 5/22/15 9:48am 5/22/15 9:48am

Why Not Allow Kickass Header Goals?

The best moment of last night’s triple-OT Blackhawks win didn’t even count. Andrew Shaw’s headbutt goal in the second overtime was waved off, quite possibly for being too awesome to process at 1 in the morning. Things worked out in the end for Chicago, but did we and future highlight reels really need to be deprived… » 5/20/15 9:23am 5/20/15 9:23am

The Ben Bishop Save That Brought Some Sanity To The Lightning's Win

So rarely does a four-goal game have such an obviously pivotal moment as did last night’s 6-2 Lightning win to even their series with the Rangers at a game apiece. Rather than the laugher the score suggests, it was, for most of its runtime, a tense, thrilling game: maybe the fastest and most wide-open of these… » 5/19/15 9:30am 5/19/15 9:30am

Joel Ward Gets Hockey Better Than Lazy Sportswriters

Alexander Ovechkin guaranteed that the Capitals will win tonight’s Game 7. What if the Rangers win? Or, more trickily, what if the Caps win and Ovechkin doesn’t appear on the scoresheet? How would that reflect upon Ovechkin, who (unfairly) has gained a reputation as a scorer who can’t score in the most critical of… » 5/13/15 2:35pm 5/13/15 2:35pm

Alex Ovechkin: "We're Going To Come Back And Win The Series"

The quote feels so businesslike, I’m almost hesitant to call it a guarantee. Aren’t players supposed to be outwardly confident? To assume the best-case scenario? To believe that if they play up to their abilities, victory can actually be assured? More to the point: would you ever want anyone on your favorite team who… » 5/11/15 9:05am 5/11/15 9:05am

The Blackhawks Are Too Good To Hate

If it felt like there was more familiarity than usual in the handshake line after the Blackhawks’ sweep of the Wild, maybe that’s no coincidence: it’s the third consecutive season Minnesota has been bounced by Chicago. Not enough familiarity to breed contempt, though, perhaps because the Wild have only won three games… » 5/08/15 9:50am 5/08/15 9:50am