The Kings Celebrate Stanley Cup Win Next To Devastated Henrik Lundqvist

The immediate aftermath of Alec Martinez's game-winning, double-overtime goal for the Stanley Cup on Friday night was a flash. Net, referee signals goal, and a Los Angeles mob around Martinez. It was great fun for the Kings, and absolute misery for the Rangers. Just look at all of these pictures of sad Henrik… » 6/14/14 10:28am 6/14/14 10:28am

Lego Kings And Rangers, Getting Wrecked In A Blender

This video, from the "Will it Blend?" folks, purports to predict a winner of Kings-Rangers by seeing whose Lego knockoff Lego players survive. On a more primal level, enjoy it as super-high-speed camera footage of little Lego men (and a little Lego zamboni!) getting destroyed in a blender. [via Puck Daddy] » 6/13/14 5:49pm 6/13/14 5:49pm

The Stanley Cup Will Come Down To The Best Team Vs. The Best Player

The Rangers and Kings are in the Stanley Cup Final because of depth, since this is not basketball, where a small number of very good or great individual players can drag a team to postseason success. You need top-flight players to win championships in hockey, obviously, but just as necessary are lower-level players… » 6/04/14 2:49pm 6/04/14 2:49pm

Guy Buys $1 Stanley Cup Tickets; StubHub Takes Them Away

Thanks to yet another StubHub seller who is bad at decimal places, a New York Rangers fan was able to purchase a few tickets for Game 6 of the Stanley Cup Finals for $1 each (the purchase came with a $8.20 service fee, but who's complaining?). Unfortunately, this lucky Rangers fan probably won't end up attending any… » 6/04/14 11:56am 6/04/14 11:56am

The Kings Will Beat You At Their Game, Or Yours

A game can be a classic without being particularly good hockey. We haven't had a conference final Game 7 go to OT in 20 years, so Kings-Blackhawks qualifies as an all-timer just on sheer novelty, but it was ugly at times. Bad goaltending, lax backchecking, freak bounces on questionable ice, and goals upon goals. Take… » 6/02/14 9:35am 6/02/14 9:35am

The End Of The First Period Of Kings-Hawks Was A Goal Smorgasbord

I've re-written this sentence four times since I originally started this post, and I can't even remember what it was originally going to be about. Anyway, The end of the first period of Game 7 between the Kings and Blackhawks was bananas. With goals from Toews and Saad, Chicago jumped out to an early 2-0 lead and it… » 6/01/14 9:07pm 6/01/14 9:07pm

Sad Canadiens Mascot In Rangers Jersey Is The Saddest Mascot

Oh my God, Youppi! What have they done to Youppi!? You would think it's impossible to look so wretched while covered in electric-orange spaghetti fur—and have a name that includes an exclamation point and is literally French for "yippee!"—but then you've never been Youppi! in a Rangers jersey all alone on a… » 6/01/14 1:16pm 6/01/14 1:16pm

How Henrik Lundqvist Lugged The Rangers To The Finals

It wasn't so long ago that the Rangers were staring down death, rather than refusing to touch a trophy. Through three-quarters of the postseason, even after getting by the Canadiens with relative ease, they've had to play four elimination games: one against the Flyers, and three in a row against Pittsburgh. No one… » 5/30/14 3:10pm 5/30/14 3:10pm