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Possibly one of the hardest things for any ESPN announcer working right now is being on the same broadcast team with sideline princess Erin Andrews. It's impossible to just cut over to Andrews, without getting tongue-tied and flush, as this is when it's time to impress her with professionalism — "No, no, no I don't think you're pretty, Erin? You're just a colleague and you are my peer!"— and not use the A-game, hot chick charm.

Rick Sutcliffe, in the booth last night for the Braves/Cubs game on ESPN, apparently didn't get the memo, and he just couldn't ease up on the good ol' boy flirtin'.


It's relatively harmless and probably something that Andrews herself isn't completely used to at this point (plus, you know, Sutcliffe is recovering from colon cancer right now), so she's a tough girl and probably not offended. Yet, blogger USS Mariner took offense to the whole thing, and decided it was time to act chivalrous for once, without the requisite half-erection.

I don't care what your opinion of her is: Erin takes an enormous amount of entirely unjustified personal crap. She's been treated badly by players, awkwardly clutched by coaches. If you put her name into a search engine you need to get decontaminated within minutes of just looking at the results or your eyes will melt. Erin is objectified and degraded in a way that no male sports media figure has ever had to face, and Rick Sutcliffe, working with her, should know that and, if he can't support her, at least shut up.

It is amazing and embarrassing that no one on the broadcast crew stopped Sutcliffe. No one cut his mike, nothing, and his partner didn't stop him but instead ended up playing along. The broadcast team and the network let someone use game time to slobber all over another broadcaster for absolutely no reason.

That's it, that's all I have. Fuck you, Rick Sutcliffe. Fuck you, other guy in the booth. You're embarrassments to my gender.

See what she brings out in people? He's willing to fight a man with cancer to defend her honor.


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