Earlier today I wondered aloud if there were any Twins fans out there in the Deadspinosphere, because let's face it, they've been kind of quiet lately. I was beginning to wonder if everyone in the Land 'o Lakes was busy with their stamp collections. But yeah, turns out Twins Nation is well represented here; as will it be in Chicago tonight, apparently. Here comes the 612. The gauntlet has been thrown. You betcha. • Rick, How can you claim there are no Twins backers around? I was in the Dome last Thursday to watch the home nine come back epically and quash the dirty South Siders; the chants of "A.J. sucks" still resound joyously in my ears. As always for these clubs, it'll come down to pitching — and I find it highly unlikely that John Danks on three day's rest would scare anyone in the lineup any more than Blackburn should the Sox. The reasons we beat these guys last week — superior outfield, decent clutch hitting, small ball and team speed, general ballsy-ness, the lack of a cockhead for a catcher (instead, the AL batting champ-to-be) — all seem to have been pushed aside. We fuckin' swept them, and if that's not a choke job by everyone on that roster already, I don't know what is. Don't be hatin' on the Twins — and don't worry, our fans will be ready to explode, come 10 PM central time as Nathan wraps up the fifth Central crown in seven years. Good day sir! — Magee • Obviously Sox fans have not been paying attention. Blackout = Funeral — Eric • Rick, From a group of Twins fans currently camped at the McDonald's in scenic Tomah, Wisconsin en route to Chicago from Minneapolis for tonight's game, we resent the implication that we are remaining silent in the build up to this evening. Twins fans have been heavily invested in this group throughout the season, increasingly so as this young team has defied expectations and predictions and continued to play well in the past months. Anybody who witnessed the Twins extra-inning sweep of the Sox at the Dome last Thursday (and subsequent post-game pillaging of Metrodome-area bars) can tell you people are more interested in tonight than the Vikings and the Wall Street Bail Out combined. Judging from the number of Minnesota license plates on I-94 this morning, I can promise you it certainly won't be a total black-out. — Kyle Schmidt • It's going to be tough for the Twinkies to pull this one out but not impossible. Blackburn has struggled, in particular against the White Sox) but he's a young kid and may naively not even realize the enormity of the game in which he will be pitching. If Blackburn can keep the ball in the park (a difficult task to be sure, given the Sox have hit 233 so far this season), I'm sure the Twins will like their chances. Their bullpen has rebounded as of late so if they can keep it close, perhaps one of the "piranhas" (as Guillen affectionately refers to the Twins) can somehow manage a few bloops and a blast, get a lead and give the ball to Nathan and watch him twitch and spasm his way through the 9th. Stranger things have happened. And hey: the Twins aren't even supposed to be here today! — Weed Against Speed • Twins fan here — listening, coughing, and hoping I'm not the only Minnesotan reading your site. Can't stand those black out sox thinking they deserve this division title and I hope Blackie burns Ozzie and his comments. — Eric from 'sota • The game will be over in the 6th. — Aaron F. McClintock • In response to your plea from this mornings post — I wanted to let you know that there's a Twins fan here in Houston, TX (of all places). I'm a born-and-raised Texas who fell in love with the Twins watching them upset the Cardinals back in the 1987 World Series & then had the pleasure of rubbing the 1991 Jack Morris 10 inning best-WS-game-of-all-time 1991 series-clinching victory over the Twins into the faces of his Braves bandwagon-jumping adolescent friends. — Adam Newton • Twins fan here and I'm going to the game tonight. Oddly enough my seats are right in front of the seats from the ebay auction . I'm debating between my Twins J shirt or a hot pink t shirt. — Eric Simpson • I'm here! I'll try to put this as nicely as possible, since I'm using my work e-mail. Here goes: Fuck the White Sox. I hope Hawk Harrelson gets hit by the Twins team bus on his way to the stadium. — Ben/White Speed Receiver • Just letting you know that we're here and ready for tonight. Everyone in town (that isn't at tonight's beck concert) will be watching the Twins' biggest game since game 7 of the 1991 series. — Seth Tommeraasen • Us Twins fans, we aren't vocal. We sit quietly and let the season unfold, hopefully sneaking into the playoffs to surprise all the Red Sox fans and make them say, "Shit, I forgot you guys existed." That's always fun. — Kid Combustible