I have been complaining that Sean Avery has been handcuffed by the NHL's fun police, but I need not have worried. The guy still has a few stupid and annoying tricks in his bag.

Avery took a completely uncalled for and unnecessary cheap shot at Bruins goalie Tim Thomas last night—tapping him on the back of the head with his stick during a timeout. There's was a little dust-up, matching minors, and the only thing that got hurt was a lot of feelings. That's called being an instigator, which is only awesome when the instigator is on your team. (Or you're a disinterested fan of chaos.) When he's not, the guy is a criminal who should banned from ice skating. So you see the dilemma that turns the stomachs of the league's head honchos.

The Bruins won the game and clinched the best record in the East. The Rangers are clinging to the eighth playoff spot by a very thin hair. Avery's antics work ... except when they don't. But they don't hurt ticket sales, that's for sure.

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