Jason Giambi's recent interview with GQ shows that even though he's now 38-years-old, he's still the same freewheeling maniac that you'd want to host your bachelor party.

GQ's Nate Penn did a long feature on Giambi soon after he was the designated big money scapegoat of Major League Baseball for his steroid use. Unlike many of the men still fighting for their reputations and their legacies due to their own ties to PEDs, Giambi admitted it, continued to produce, but still was, in some people's minds, an overpriced failure during his Yankee tenure. Now Giambi's back with the A's, still trying to find that Northern California groove that won him the MVP award back in '00. Thankfully he's still as profanely on the record as he always is. Here are some of the highlights from Penn's interview:

His "coolest" moment as a Yankee:

Well, definitely the coolest moment was hitting the grand slam (ed. note. Yeah. That was awesome.) against the Twins in the rain a month into my first season in New York. I wanted to do so well at the beginning. When you first go to New York and you struggle, everybody gets all fired up. But you just try too hard. You want to go in there and impress everybody, especially when you're a free agent. Yankee fans remember the guy that used to come in and kill the Yankees. So they want you to do that every day. They're like, "Why isn't this guy hitting a fucking home run every day? Every time he plays the Yankees, he hits a home run!"

On the time the Yankees tried to void his contract and send him to the minors after the steroid stuff came out:

"[T]hey leaked it to the media, and the media bum-rushed me with it, and that's where I was a little fucking pissed. Rather than calling me in there and talking to me about it. But I went in there and sat down with Joe Torre and Brian Cashman, and I told them just, "No fuckin' chance." I knew I could hit, and I knew I was going in the right direction. I had a lot of confidence in myself, and I knew that I was gonna come out of it."

On Roger Clemens' magical hot testicle ointments:

"I've seen some of it drip onto his balls. He lubes. I've never seen a guy wear more hot shit on the planet. The guy's basically in a jock and a pair of socks and like head to toe in hot shit. That's no bullshit."

Would he try magical hot testicle ointments?:

No, I would fucking cry. The stuff that he used to put on his body-even his hot tanks were like molten lava. He would get in the hot tank before the games, and it was like a cauldron. One time I put my foot in there, my skin almost fell off my foot, it was so hot.

Jason Giambi, ladies and gentlemen!

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