Ed. note: Yesterday, while innocently patrolling the internet, we came across a link to Mark Cuban's Google+ gallery of old computer ads. We found this gallery to be very boring, and out of curiosity, we clicked back to Cuban's Google+ profile, where we found multiple public galleries of his rugby years at Indiana University.

These were not as boring. Many of the photos involved Cuban in various states of sobriety and undress, and there was even a series of an "elephant walk" at a rugby party. We emailed Cuban to see if we could post a few and link to the gallery, and he wrote back to say that he'd had no idea the photos had been made public. "I don't want to fuck up an old rugby buddy," he wrote, but: "Can u give me a day?"

A few hours later — Cubes being Cubes — he responded by narrating the entire slideshow for us.

Faces of innocent bystanders in these photos have been creepily blurred to protect the not-so-innocent.

All of these pictures are from old Indiana rugby parties from back in the day, from before and after I played for the team. The guys you see in the pictures — and many that aren't pictured here — are some of the best friends I have had in my life. They always have been and always will be. Playing rugby was a bond for us, and I'm proud that I played.


Did we do stupid shit back then? Absolutely. Even then, we knew it was stupid. We also knew it was harmless. We could beat the shit out of each other on the field and know that we would come together afterwards and drink and be stupid and be friends. Anyone who has played the sport will tell you what a beautiful thing it is.

But hey, this is on Deadspin, which means it must be embarrassing, right?


This was taken at a birthday party at Motley's Pub, a bar I opened up with my buddy Evan Williams and a few other friends before my senior year at Indiana University. I'm not sure how my pants got ripped that night, but I have no doubt there was a good reason for it.

This, obviously, is rugger bowling. It requires no explanation. In this case, the rugger being bowled must have realized that there's less friction when you're naked, which leads to more points on the board. After all, when it comes to the rugby party, winning is the only thing.

This was after one of our rugby banquets. Clearly, I was being responsible and making sure I got enough sleep for a test the next morning.

This is Steve Considine, one of the greatest human beings to ever live. He never gave a shit what people thought about him. He just did the right thing by everyone around him. Steve died of malaria last year — I believe he came down with it while he was putting up tents in Africa, trying to stop the spread of the very disease that killed him. He is missed by many. For those that would like to see more of Steve, stop by Connor's Pub in Indianapolis. He's deservedly been memorialized there.

This photo, along with the next two, are from dinners we had after the season.

I guess I liked whatever it was they were serving that night.

All there is to say is that I'm glad I got rid of the '70s porn mustache.

I wasn't there, so I really have no idea on this one — but hey, it was the '70s.

This is the world-famous Indiana University Elephant Walk at a rugby party.

If there was ever doubt about winning the party, you'd whip out the elephant walk. As you can see, I did not participate.

This must have been a hell of a party, because if the Elephant Walk didn't win the party, then you'd naturally find the 151 or Wild Turkey and demonstrate the Flame-O.

If I remember correctly — and I probably don't — I think we also had to play the rugby version of Quarters at this party.

This photo and the next one were taken during a Rugby 7s tournament in Fort Wayne one summer. These girls were watching when I got my kit ripped apart in the match, and they asked for a picture.

Ed. note: PUUUBES!

As a show of appreciation for their appreciation, I returned their affection. It was the polite thing to do.

This photo was taken on a trip to Florida with my friend Evan. I have no idea who the girl is, but I'm guessing the ice cream I had been eating melted and somehow got on her cheek. Once again, I was polite and cleaned up after myself.

Ed. note: This photo file was named "lickingevansgirl.jpg"

This photo, as well as the next one, is from the IU MudShark initiation. If I told you more, I would have to kill you.

Ed. note: See previous caption.

Just another random rugby party. I have no idea who owns the ass behind me.