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SHOTY Elite Eight: Roger Clemens Vs. Isiah Thomas

All right, all the votes have been tallied, and we have our final eight.

The first round goes a lot faster under Daulerio's stewardship than it did under mine; seems like we went into April last year. Anyway, we're ready to start knocking these puppies out. Two old faves battling it out this happy Friday.


First, a look at the bracket to this point. (Thanks, Happy Pants Jim Cooke.)

Voting will remain open through next week ... so let's go. It's No. 2 seed Roger Clemens vs. No. 7 seed Isiah Thomas. A look at the nominees' 2008 resumes:

No. 2 Roger Clemens
Held a press conference, kind of.
Feuded with Andy Pettitte, kind of.
Told Congress about bleeding through his pants.
Gaped as old flames reared their heads, ugly and otherwise.
Got boners.
Sold a car to Bret Michaels.


No. 7 Isiah Thomas
Won 2007 SHOTY.
Presided over the greatest possession in NBA history.
Got fired, somehow.
Earned $18 million for staying away from his team.
Entered Deadspin Hall of Fame.
Tried to kill himself with sleeping pills.
Blamed it on his daughter.


That's the ticket, folks. Vote as if the world will end tomorrow via a hailstorm of rodents.


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