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SHOTY Semifinals: No. 1 Brett Favre Vs. No. 4 Jay Mariotti

We've reached the SHOTY Semifinals. Brett Favre left Ines Sainz in arrears, and Jay Mariotti oozed Jason Whitlock's pumpkin. Now, for the nitty-gritty.


As always, it is not about the destination but the journey.

No. 1 Brett Favre
Threw another season-ending interception.
Inspired full-page newspaper ad encouraging his return.
Became a grandfather.
Teased by Daulerio, in a shocking move that destroyed what were once known as respectable news-gathering techniques.
Unretired anyway.
Garnered more pageviews on one post than this site did in its first two months of existence.
Turned 41.
What more can be said? You have seen Brett Favre's penis.

No. 4 Jay Mariotti
Bounty hunted.
Missed my bachelor party.
Arrested and charged with improper instigation of schadenfreude.
Freed on bail.
Ripped, grabbed.
Suspended. (And fired, really.)
Defended by quarterfinal opponent.
Inducted into Deadspin Hall of Fame.
Pled no contest.
Quit Twitter.


So, who makes the SHOTY Finals: Brett Favre or Jay Mariotti?


Polls are open until Friday morning.

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