• Josh McNeil is living the American Dream.
• Sox tickets are more expensive than they used to be.
Yum yum.
• Unsilent did some good work on our day off.
• How we missed Chris Henry.
• We will never think of Rivers the same way again.
• Email aside, be careful of buying things from MLB.com.
• Seriously, your grandma sucks.
• Skip Bayless works hard at being a moron.
• Catch Dennis Miller's show while you can.
• Don Shula is cranky.
• The Big Ten Network is awesome.
• Last call for SHOTY nominations.

That'll do it for us, kids. Look out for an Illini upset tomorrow: You watch. Mr. J.E. Skeets is your charming editor of fun tomorrow, so watch him try to make sense of college football. We'll see you Monday.