Sports News Without Fear, Favor or Compromise
Sports News Without Fear, Favor or Compromise
Illustration for article titled Week In Deadspin: Goodnight, Sweet Stephen A.

• Sean Salisbury has something he'd like to show you. Hey, where are you running?
• Welcome to LA, Mr. Beckham.
• Your national champion Florida Gators. (Kind of.)
• Bill Simmons will have to finally acknowledge college basketball
• Mark McGwire, stay wherever the hell you're staying these days.
• Jason Kidd gets his Chuck Finley on.
• Terrell Owens pulls a Stephen A. on his now-former publicist.
• No one knows more what the ladies like than Junior Seau.
• Barbaro won a shady SHOTY.
• This is why we've always refused Barry Bonds' pleas for us to give him amphetamines.
• Paypal was very bad, but you, along with some fellow friends on this here Internets, let them know they were wrong. And they listened!


That'll do it for us, wrapping up yet another busy week. The first week back after vacation was all we could have hoped for. We hope Stephen A. doesn't blame us — again — for the cancellation of his outstanding television program. The Mighty MJD will be here to take you through the playoffs this weekend. We'll see you Monday. (Because, yes, we're working that day. We still salute Dr. King, yes.)

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