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The New York Yankees will retire former shortstop Derek Jeter’s number on May 14, finally making him a True Yankee. MLB has built up to this ceremony by introducing the Jeet 16, a bracket of Jeter’s finest moments.

It even has regions:

Image: MLB

Even with 16 selections, MLB’s overview of the Jeter era feels a little colorless and one-dimensional, missing much of what made Derek Jeter such a compelling, if not mythic, sports figure. Here, to make up for that, is our own supplementary bracket for public discussion—the Ejeet Eig2t, a collection of even more moments, representing the former Yankees shortstop in full:

Here are our picks.

Yeah Jeets: That time a rumor claimed Jeter would not only say “Yeah Jeets!” while naked on his couch watching highlights of himself, but also while receiving oral.


Butt-Eating Gossip: That time a different rumor claimed Jeter requested that his butt be eaten.


Gift Baskets: That time a third rumor claimed Jeter would give gift baskets, including autographed baseballs, to women he bedded. (Jeter later denied this one.)

Jeter Humps: That time ESPN put together a starting lineup of women with whom Jeter has canoodled.


Jeter In Butt Land: That time one of our commenters wrote the dumbest and greatest story about Jeter.


Derek Eater: That time Jeter looked fat.

Jeter Vs. A-Rod: Every time Jeter and his teammate Alex Rodriguez insisted that they were on amicable terms, which was protesting a little too much.


Re2pect: That time someone thought a perfectly fine letter of the alphabet could be replaced with a number and everyone would just accept it.


The blank bracket is opened up to the floor. What’s your top moment from the Ejeet Eig2t? I have chalk all the way through, with Yeah Jeets winning, but feel free to argue otherwise.