Amidst the breathless reporting of Chris Broussard's "sources" on the Mike D'Antoni hiring, ESPN managed to squeeze in a cognition-degrading segment hosted by short tie advocate Merril Hoge.

It's medically documented fact that prolonged exposure to Hoge can lead to permanent brain damage, and we're legitimately concerned for the camera operator at the end of this segment—he or she appears to pass out, or at least suffer some other kind of malady. Even worse, it doesn't appear ESPN refers to the individual or attempts to assure viewers the operator is okay (indeed, ESPN just ignores that the whole thing happened). We hope whichever underpaid, unappreciated ESPN employee fell victim to Hoge-kin's Disease has made a full recovery. [ESPN]

Update (2:27 p.m.): We're told the camera operator's knee gave out and that he's okay. Great news!