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Sports News Without Fear, Favor or Compromise

Shitballs And Bucketloads Of Cunt: The Year In Cursing

George Carlin's been dead for four years, but that doesn't mean the scourge of cursing on television is beyond us. Indeed, it was a regrettable year for foul language of both the intentional and unintentional varieties. Here's a sample of what corrupted our children's ears in 2012, with links below to the context of each clip in order.


1. Sadly, The World Will Never Know Who Shaq "Blames For That Shit" [UPDATE]
2. Cuba Gooding Jr. Invites Linda Cohn To Rock Out With Her Cock Out
3. Elderly Irish Horse Trainer To TV Reporter On His First Big Win: "I'll Have Fuckin' Sex Tonight And Everything"
4. "This Is Live, Isn't It?" Asks The Rock Just After Dropping A "Bullshit" On SportsCenter
5. Chris Bosh Interrupted LeBron's Postgame Interview To Scream "Good Shit!"
6. A Clearly Linsane Mike Tyson Curses, Talks About His 3,000 Pigeons During MSG Interview
7. And Now For Your U.K. Weather, Where The Forecast Is "Bucketloads Of Cunt"
8. Chris Arreola Responded To Don King's "Wetbacks" Comment By Calling King A "Fucking Asshole"
9. "Shitballs": Curling Profanity Is Strange
10. Commence The Kentucky Fans Shouting Profanities On Live Television
11. Rick Carlisle's "Dirty Bullshit Has Got To Stop" Led To An Inside The NBA Discussion Of Profanity In Popular Music
12. KCAL Went Live To The Kings' Stanley Cup Celebration Just In Time For Jonathan Quick To Say "Fuck" Several Times
13. Take A Profane Trip Through History With The Dirty Mouths Of LeBron James And Dwyane Wade
14. A.J. Pierzynski Has No Problem Calling Twins Pitcher Nick Blackburn A "Piece Of Shit" To His Face
15. Los Angeles Sports Anchor Suggests Vin Scully Should "Get His Shit Together" Live On-Air
16. Brent Musburger Said Piss, And Kirk Herbstreit Couldn't Keep His Shit Together
17. Here's What Baltimore's Minute-Long "Bullshit" Chant Sounded Like Inside The Stadium
18. Tonight's Yankees Broadcast Was Temporarily Invaded By A Mysterious "Fucking"
19. "Now I Know What Chicks Feel Like," Tim Lincecum Responds After Being "Hit In The Fucking Face With A Fucking Cork"
20. "Suck My Fuckin' Dick, You Piece Of Shit": Golfer Mark Wiebe's On-Air Meltdown Would Fit In Well On Your Local Muni
21. The Swearing Ref On A Hot Mic In Indianapolis Also Freaked Out The Colts' Radio Broadcasters
22. Ref, On Hot Mic In Indianapolis: "God Damn It!"
23. A Frustrated Neil Everett Muttered "Son Of A Bitch, Goddammitdangit" Live On SportsCenter
24. Brian Urlacher Agrees With America, Says Colin Kaepernick "Fucking Played Well"
25. Houston Dynamo's Colin Clark Calls Ball Boy A "Fuckin' Faggot," Offers Weak Apology
26. "Are We Live? Oh Shit." Liam Neeson Appears On SportsCenter And Has Absolutely No Idea What He's Being Asked