Hey there. Finally the four-day week is through. Here is a campaign promise worth keeping: Unless Sarah Palin gets hit in the face with a basketball during the Vice Presidential debates, she will no longer be seen on Deadspin. Palin, obviously, was featured prominently this week and, in hindsight, it may have been a little much. Nine-ish stories. Four probably would've done it. I assure you this has nothing to do with any kind of Deadspin political bent. That scary lady and her screeching gaggle of hockey moms has just as much of a right to be the first in line for the presidency as the loose-lipped fellow from Delaware. But there were other stories this week. I think? • Jamboroo: Returns • Neuheisel: Peacocks • Emeritus: Predicts • NBA Rooks: Smoked • Football: Back • Marlins: Empty • Tatum Bell: Luggage thief • Phelps: Coozes • Dirty: Hooman • Waxin': Off Tonight: The Non-Rivalry Continues. One team's destiny will be revealed after this weekend. And just in time...Here comes Iguchi! Have a great weekend. Beware tropical storms. This weekend, your football overload will be handled by none other than Sarah Schorno and Jack KOGOD (Unsilent Majority, for those who are still confused). Tomorrow, we'll also unload the last of the previews. Thank you for your continued support of DeadspinDon'tLie.