Deadspin Hall Of Fame Inductee: Barbaro

Presenting the final 2009 inductee to The Deadspin Hall Of Fame ...

Barbaro. Final tally: 76 percent.

Yep: He finally made it. Now we don't have to nominate him every year. Somewhere, Rick Chandler, who was the spearhead of the Barbaro story in the first place, is smiling. Congratulations, ya old horse. Once, and for all: Affirmed.


Anyway, congratulations to all Hall of Famers. To recap, here are the current members of the Deadspin Hall of Fame, with their year of election:

Carl Monday
Kyle Orton
Clinton Portis
Run You Stupid Fucking Dinosaur, Run
Renee Thomas And Angela Keathley
Viking Sex Boat
You're With Me, Leather


Buzz Bissinger
Will Leitch
Isiah Thomas
Marques Slocum's Fuck Lion

Charles Barkley

Way to go, all. See you next year.

(Plaque by "Law And Order" star Jim Cooke.)