This really stretches the definition of a "sports" video, but when you get a load of some of these insane domino contraptions you realize that it takes more physical dexterity and coordination to set these babies up than it does to play poker. (Or be an NFL punter.) Plus, Domino Day is broadcast live in eight countries and 85 million people watched it last year, so it's at least as popular as TV bowling. And where else can you get the answer to one of life's greatest unanswered mysteries—can a man outrun falling dominoes over 30 meters? Organizers in the Netherlands, along with a lot of very excitable teens toppled 4,354,027 dominoes on Friday, setting a new world record. They also broke nine other domino-related records, including "fastest topple of 30 metres of domino stones." Just to up the ante, Churandy Martina, a 100/200m champ from the Netherlands Antilles, raced the little blocks all the way to the end. He won easily, which is ... impressive? Take that, you stupid dominoes! Anyway, if you skip to the three minute mark you can see the race, but the whole thing is actually pretty entertaining. Bright colors and shiny objects are always good for a giggle. Domino Day [Wikipedia] Records tumble on Domino Day [In The News]